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Have dated equipment that needs replacing?

Consider retrofitting your machine with our proven upgrade packages to increase your machine's speed, accuracy & productivity.


Machine upgrade/retrofit on a Cincinnati hydraulic tandem press brake system

For a fraction of the price of new equipment, the experts at Pacific can upgrade your existing equipment to drastically improve its performance, reliability, and safety. With decades of experience, our team is able to rebuild most brands of hydraulic machinery. We have successfully rebuilt not only Pacific, but Niagara, Verson and Cincinnati equipment, just to name a few!

Our engineers will work with your team to determine which machine upgrade/retrofit package is the best fit for your needs. Once the best solution has been determined, you can rest assured that your project is backed by our Retrofit Warranty! (See package description below for details.)

How It Works

To minimize downtime and production disruptions, our OEM-certified service technicians can perform most of the work, on-site, at your location.  Rebuild/retrofit projects are typically completed in half the time of a new machine build.  Once your upgrade/retrofit project is complete, we will ensure your machine is fully functioning properly, and your team is trained in its operation for maximum performance.

The bottom line?

Our rebuild programs allow you to get the most out of your existing equipment. When new machinery is not an option, a rebuilt machine can provide a cost-effective alternative to safer, more accurate and more productive hydraulic presses or press brakes. 

With the expertise of our OEM-certified service techs and engineers, the team at Pacific can help ensure your aged equipment is performing to its fullest potential!


We offer three unique packages based on your upgrade needs.  Whatever the make or model of your hydraulic press or press brake, Pacific can help increase your machine's productivity, accuracy, and safety with these upgrade packages: (click through tabs to view details)



Millennium Package (CNC Controls)

This upgrade package is designed for manual hydraulic press or press brake machines that require an upgrade to CNC controls.

  • Replacement hydraulic power unit, fits same location
  • Air cooled oil cooler
  • Main electrical box with ALLEN-BRADLEY PLC
  • Foot control assembly with "Run", "Up" & "E-stop"
  • Pedestal mounted two-hand run station with "Up" and "E-stop" buttons
  • Painting of replaced components
  • Electronic copies of electrical , hydraulic schematics, and manuals
  • Updated safety related signs
  • Conduit and wiring from electrical box to power unit
  • Cylinder replacement components cups, rod packing, and O-rings
  • Prep for domestic shipping
  • PC 800XD 19” 2D/3D touch screen control (pendant mounted for convenient access for the operator)
  • DNC offline software
  • Side housing mounted linear scales for Y1 & Y2
  • Automatic tonnage regulation

*Additional options available - Consult sales rep.


  • 1-Year parts and labor
  • 2-Year Pacific manufactured parts
  • Purchased parts carry warranty of original manufacturer


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