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4-Posts Hydraulic Presses

4-Post Hydraulic Presses, can be designed to accommodate dies of any size and are well suited for part manufacturing that requires superior rigidity and precise bed-to-ram parallelism.

4-Post hydraulic presses are advantageous because they typically more economical than gib-guided presses and allow four-sided access to the working area.

Pacific Press offers a wide variety of hydraulic 4-Post or column presses up to 1,500 tons in capacity. While we offer several “standard” sizes based on typical use, Pacific Press routinely builds customized 4-Post hydraulic press models based on individual client application and production requirements.

Whether you are integrating a feeder, conveyor, or robotics, the experts at Pacific can help easily integrate your Pacific 4-post hydraulic press into your production line to get you up and running quickly.

To learn more about how you can customize your 4-Post press from Pacific, view our brochure or submit an inquiry on our Contact Us page. Our equipment experts look forward to assisting you!

Looking for a smaller size 4-post hydraulic press?

Check out options from our sister company MULTIPRESS!  They offer 4-Post Hydraulic Presses ranging from 20-1,000 tons.