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What Industries Can Benefit from an Industrial Hydraulic Press?

Since 1955, Pacific Press has been on the forefront of hydraulic press technology. We produce high-quality, versatile machinery that bring efficiency, safety, and improved profits to industries all across the country. We are proud of our American-made machines that were made for American companies, and we love just how many industries our hydraulic presses, press brakes, and hydraulic shears can help. While our versatile machinery can be integrated into almost every manufacturing process, these are the main industries that utilize our industrial hydraulic presses:

Building & Construction

Pacific Press Construction Icon

Pacific Press machinery is used in the building and construction industry for metal building construction, highway construction and hauling equipment. The rugged design of the equipment is well suited for heavy fabrication of robust applications. If you have a big and tough piece of equipment, a Pacific press is the right machine to form it.


Pacific Press Rail Icon

From forming structural steel components for rail cars to straightening long pieces of rail track, Pacific equipment is the right solution for all rail applications. Our machinery has been helping American rail car manufacturers form parts for as long as we have been in business.

Oil & Gas

Pacific Press Oil Icon

Pacific designed and built a 3,000 ton press brake over 30 years ago to form up to 4” pipe. Ever since, we have been building high tonnage brakes to help form pipe and other large fabricated shapes for the oil and gas industry. Pacific is the only press brake manufacturer in the world that makes a manually controlled machine, critical for the bump forming process required to form large pipe.

Marine Transport

Pacific Press Marine Icon

From bulkhead forming for inland barges to support structures on air craft carriers, Pacific has built over 300 machines used specifically for the forming of marine transport vessels. The robust nature of our machinery makes Pacific the right choice for the marine transport industry.

Fabricated & Stamped Parts


For applications requiring a hydraulic press, Pacific is the best choice for fabricated and stamped parts. Precise and repeatable to .001”, Pacific machines have the accuracy and power to form the toughest parts.

Commercial Transport

Pacific Press Commercial Icon

Pacific has more machines servicing the commercial transport industry than any other press brake manufacturer in the world. Our active hydraulic leveling and extreme precision make for the best solution in the trailer manufacturing industry. 

Aerospace & Military

Areospace Icon

Aerospace and military hydraulic presses are primarily used in the metal forming and machinery fabricating processes. When the aerospace and military industries use our industrial hydraulic presses, they know they can rely on the quality and efficiency provided to them for manufacturing everything from fasteners and aerospace parts to military vehicle and ammunition parts.

Energy Storage


From stretch forming fuel cells to compacting blank anodes and cathodes, and much more, an energy storage hydraulic press is used for many different types of metal fabrication within the energy storage industry.


Agriculture Icon

The agriculture industry plays a vital role in our society, and they rely on the dependability of an agriculture hydraulic press to make sure all of the metal parts they need are crafted with precision. This includes fasteners, clips, rails, wear parts, structural components, and more.

To learn more about industry-specific applications, or how our team can help your business, Contact Us Today.