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Hydraulic plate shears.Pacific Press Shears are designed to make accurate cuts on a variety of metals and alloys at thicknesses up to 1 ¾”:

  • Custom bed length configurations are available
  • Standard capacities from 3/8” X 13⁄4” (300G model) to 1 3⁄4” X 40’ (1400G model)
  • Standard 18” throats
  • Two-speed shearing feature
  • Superior quality cut edges attained through adjustment of all shearing variables

Detailed Specification

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Standard Features

  • Bed, ram and extra deep side housing
  • Cylinder mountings
  • Ram guiding
  • Modular stacked valve system
  • Control Units

Optional Features

  • Material handling devices
  • DNC controls
  • Conveyors/stackers
  • High-carbon/High-alloy (Grade 1) shear knives
  • Power knife clearance adjustment
  • Hold down tonnage control
  • Automated centralized or manual one-shot lubrication systems