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Parts for HTC, Di-Acro/Tri-Acro & Johansson Drill Press Machines

Pacific is the trusted source for HTC, Di-Acro/Tri-Acro & Johansson drill presses machine parts

Up through the early 1990's, Hydra-Tool Corporation (HTC) and Di-Acro/Tri-Acro provided manufacturers with efficient, low-cost and durable machines. The machines were such great value, thousands are still in operation today. Pacific Press is proud to retain the rights to these machines, and can offer OEM replaceable parts including bushings, bearings, gibbing, and cylinders (HTC only).

With all the original prints at our disposal for Di-Acro/Tri-Acro press machines, makes it quick to retrieve the right OEM part to maximize your uptime.

All Pacific Press parts are compatible with most major brands of presses, press brakes and shears. Because they're built to our strict standards, you can count on our replacement parts to keep your older machines working properly. Trust in the knowledge of our skilled staff to get the correct American-made press part for your company.

For spare parts inquiries, contact our Parts Department today at 618-262-8666.