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About Pacific Press

Our Mission Statement

"To build and continually develop the most reliable custom products on the market, and provide innovative solutions to bend and form today's world."

Our Vision Statement

"Help the world manufacture a better tomorrow."


Pacific Press Today

Our story began during World War II, when we built America's first hydraulic press brake. 

Pacific Press Technologies is a world-class leader in the design, manufacture, and service of hydraulic press, press brake and automation solutions. ​

Founded in 1945, Pacific made a name for itself when it produced the world’s first hydraulic press brake. The concept quickly caught on as the industry recognized the hydraulic brake as a much safer alternative to the mechanical press brake. Over the years, Pacific has installed over 15,000 machines across North America, maintaining its place as a leader in press and press brake equipment. Pacific continues to be well known for its extremely robust and reliable designs, engineered and manufactured right here in the USA. From 100 ton presses to 3,000 ton press brakes, Pacific can custom design and build the right machine for your application. ​

At Pacific, our clients take comfort in knowing that our seasoned experts work hard to understand every aspect of your business and metal forming application to ensure we design and build a machine ideally suited for your production requirements. ​

One Dedicated Team, Two Trusted Brands!

After being based in Columbus, Ohio for many years, MULTIPRESS moved its operations to sister company Pacific Press Technologies’ 280,000 square foot headquarters in Mount Carmel, Illinois. Both subsidiaries of Right Lane Industries, the partnership allows the machinery OEM’s to benefit from each other’s strengths in engineering, production, and service. With the top resources available to both brands in house, they are well positioned to continue delivering high-quality, made in the USA machinery. Together, Pacific Press and MULTIPRESS share a passion for creating reliable, customized machinery by providing unsurpassed experience, quality, and value. With results rooted in a history of presses and press brakes, both the Pacific Press and MULTIPRESS brands will continue their tradition of being the industry’s leading provider of metal forming solutions.

Our Facility

Our 130,000-square-foot manufacturing facility is located in Mount Carmel, Illinois. The expansive facility is home to Pacific and is also the manufacturing site to Pacific’s sister company MULTIPRESS, producers of hydraulic and servo press equipment. ​

Contact Us today to learn more about how our equipment can help bring your business to the next level! It is a privilege and an honor to partner with you!


Our Parent Company - Right Lane Industries

Today, Pacific Press Technologies is owned by Right Lane Industries, a division of Right Lane Capital. Right Lane Industries (RLI) is an American-based holding company with a portfolio of like-minded American manufacturing companies. RLI's business units include:

  • Belt Concepts of America is a manufacturer of premium quality, light weight PVC conveyor belts.  
  • Bold Renewables is a North American leader in the servicing of solar inverters, primarily supporting fields generating utility power.  
  • Fenn-Torin is a premier designer and manufacturer of various metal forming machinery, including spring coilers, wire flattening and shaping equipment, swagers, turks heads, rolling mills, and draw benches.   
  • Kirby is an American manufacturer of home cleaning systems.
  • MULTIPRESS is a supplier of hi-tech hydraulic and electrical control presses including a full line of bench, floor model and 4-post configurations.  
  • Pacific Press Technologies is a world-class leader in the design, manufacture, and service of hydraulic press, press brake, and automation solutions.
  • Rochester Specialty Products (formerly Schlegel Specialty Products) is the leader in woven textiles and extruded plastic products for automotive, aerospace, office equipment, transportation, and heavy industrial applications.
  • TerraSource Global provides robust and integrated in-house capabilities to ensure a superior customer experience: a large and diverse portfolio of proven, high-quality equipment and precision OEM parts, the ability to provide the right technical expertise and guidance for any situation, and a focused and enduring commitment to service and professionalism.

Pacific Press Timeline

  1. 1955


    Pacific engineers and manufactures it’s first hydraulic shear.
  2. 1979


    Manufactured a K-1250-40 press brake.
  3. 1980


    Manufactures a 2000 ton D series straight side press.
  4. 1981


    Manufactured a K-3000-27 press brake, 1000 ton tandems 25′ and 27′
  5. 1985


    Manufactured the first CNC servo hydraulic press brake in the US
  6. 1986


    Pacific delivers a 2000 ton press brake to China
  7. 1987


    Manufactured the first high speed servo press for composite molding
  8. 1989


    Manufactured a 1250 ton CNC brake with graphics, mult axis back gauge, and crowning
  9. 1992


    Manufactured a series of up acting compression molding presses for a leading manufacturer of golf balls
  10. 1993


    Manufactured a series of 4-post presses for hybrid masonry dewatering process
  11. 1998


    Manufactured a 14 press system for a leading chain manufacturer
  12. 1999


    Manufactured a 4000 ton rubber molding press
  13. 2000


    Manufactured a series of CNC wide platen press brakes designed for punching for a leading computer enclosurer manufacturer
  14. 2001


    Manufactures a FK-1500-27 set of tandems with plate automation
  15. 2002


    Manufactures a 1400-D 10-60 Press
  16. 2005


    Manufactures a 500-OBM and 750-OBM
  17. 2006


    Manufactures a 2500 ton x 60′ tandem pole system
  18. 2007


    Manufactures a 1400 D-10-72 straight side press
  19. 2008


    Manufactures 2 – 1000 ton CNC straight side presses for diffusioin bonding titanium jet engine compressor blades
  20. 2009


    Manufactures 2 CNC transformer sizing press
  21. 2010


    Manufactures a 1350 D-10-72 press for a leading power turbine manufacturer
  22. 2011


    Manufactures a FK-1250-22 press brake for large corrugated metal structure company
  23. 2012


    Manufactures a FK-1000-21 tandem brakes for barge manufacturer
  24. 2013


    Shipped FK1250-30 Tandem Automated Transmission Pole-Bending Systems to two leading U.S. pole manufacturers
  25. 2014


    Shipped an FK2500-31 to a Texas company for making pipe used in the oil industry
  26. 2015


    Built a custom 4 station press for the testing and setting of springs used in the rail car industry
  27. 2016


    Shipped 10 press brakes to a leading commercial trailer manufacturer
  28. 2017


    Launched our Blaise press brake line and our EcoFormer press line