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Hydraulic Press Cycle Rate Calculator

If you’re performing coil fed blanking or forming press work on a Pacific hydraulic press, this program will allow you to enter all the job’s parameters (speeds and feeds for rapid advance; fast, normal and and slow press speeds; and any required delay functions) and then give you the estimated press cycle rate (as cycles per minute). You can also try other inputs to help “tweak” the program into an optimal performance. For rectangular part jobs, enter a similar parameters (material yield strength and thickness, as well as corner radius and straight line lengths) and draw tonnage and total tonnage figures are given.


Input values in the spaces. The program will calculate the times, percent of time in each function, cycle time in minutes; seconds and cycles per minute.

* Holding or cushion tonnage is estimated at 1/3 of draw tonnage. Actual tonnage will vary as required to achieve a quality part.