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Large Press Brakes

Press Brakes Utilizing Pacific's Patented Hydraulic Technology

Models available up to 2,000 tons

Whether you have a highly repeatable process that simply requires a work horse like our K-Series, or you are a job shop that frequently changes programs and needs the CNC capabilities of our Fabri-K (FK) Series to keep up, Pacific has a press brake for every application

With over 75 years of experience building the most robust, reliable press brakes on the market, the experts at Pacific can build the machine to your business’ needs.

To learn more about our K and FK Series press brakes, view our brochures and submit an inquiry on our Contact Us page. Our experts look forward to assisting you!

K-Series Manual Press Brakes

  • Accuracy & Repeatability

    Integrated systems and construction allow for repeatable and accurate bending within .002" under full load.

  • Manual Adjustment

    The K-Series utilizes temperature compensated mechanical stroke controls with manually adjustable limit switches to quickly change the desired ram depth, stroke, and tonnage of the machine.

  • Backgauges

    Integrated options are available.

Fabri-K (FK) Series CNC Press Brakes

  • Accuracy & Repeatability

    Integrated systems and construction allow for repeatable and accurate bending within .002" under full load.

  • Programmable HMI

    Precise within .001" under load, and automatic tonnage, stroke and depth control.

  • Bed Referenced Scales

    The ram axes are controlled through bed referenced, high precision scales.

  • Backgauges

    Integrated options are available.

Machine Highlights

  • Unmatched Heavy-Duty Frame

    Every Pacific press brake is made to last by using the thickest steel frame in the industry and is assembled with an interlocked frame design that does not rely on welds to hold tonnage.

  • Large Pressure Pad Surface

    Pacific's machines are designed with robust pressure pads that spread the load out across the ram, putting less stress on the cylinders.

  • Shot Peened/Radius Ground Throats

    Helps prevent the propagation of micro cracks in the frame to ensure a longer frame and machine life.

  • Pacific's Proprietary Hydraulic System

    • U2200 PSI system operating pressure
    • Active hydraulic leveling
    • Pacific's own robust valves are:
      • Rebuildable and extended use for cost effective refurbishment
      • Made in-house and readily available to decrease downtime
      • Built to be compatible with most Pacific machines for easy replacement

  • Heavy-Duty Cylinder & Guide Design

    As the machine is tilted, Pacific's guides and cylinders prevent additional stress on the machine, promoting operational longevity.  Because the cylinders are secured to the center of the ram, true centerline loading is ensured.

  • 2:1 Cylinder & Guide Design

    Our cylinder rod ratio is 2:1, the highest ratio in the industry, which allows the machine to consistently absorb breakthrough shock better than any other machine on the market.

  • Reliable Safety Features

    Foot switches and two-hand run controls come standard with every machine to promote operator safety.  Light curtain, laser safety systems, and area scanners are also available.

  • Fully Customizable

    Pacific has a full staff of engineers available to design in a wide range of configurations to meet every customer's requirements.

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