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It’s Official! Pacific Press Technologies and Multipress Inc. are now teamed up

It’s Official! Pacific Press Technologies and Multipress Inc. are now teamed up

It's official! Pacific Press Technologies and Multipress Inc- both existing subsidiaries of Right Lane Industries (RLI) are now teamed up together to deliver the best in hydraulic presses and press brakes!

This is a great outcome for both RLI brands and their customers, and we couldn’t be more excited about our future together. With a shared passion for creating high quality, customized machinery, we believe combining the strength of both engineering, production and service teams will provide unsurpassed experience, quality and value.

Over the next several months, you will notice several changes including updated websites, literature and more for both brands. And while we are excited about our future and the innovations that come before us, we continue to remember our roots and our history. Both Pacific Press and Multipress will continue to produce their branded, custom engineered machinery to our customer’s specifications, whether it be a 3,000 ton press brake, a 1,200 ton 4-column press, or a 6 ton bench press. Along with our well known product lines, we are committing to a renewed focus on machine service, and spare parts support.

Today, as a united front, both the Pacific Press and Multipress brands will work to continue their tradition as the industry’s leading provider of metal forming solutions. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve you and look forward to many more years of delivering extraordinary value to you and your business. We invite you to stay tuned as many exciting changes are on the way!