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Precision Metal Fabricator Case Study

Pacific Solutions

How Pacific's Tandem Hydraulic Press Brake is Helping G.E. Mathis Co. Take Their Precision Metal Fabrication Business to the Next Level

Pacific Tandem FK Series Press Brakes

Objectives & Background

  • A fourth generation repeat customer approached Pacific Press seeking for a press brake solution that could form especially long parts while maintaining a short set up time for maximum productivity.
  • Since the customer’s existing press brake had only a 500-ton capability to form 40 ft. parts, they wanted a more robust machine that could bend much longer parts, allowing them to expand their forming and bending services.
  • Having previously purchased and worked with Pacific machinery, the customer decided to add a Pacific tandem press break to their existing production line.

Pacific’s Solution

  • Pacific custom designed a tandem press brake that included two Fabri-K series 825-ton brakes. Each machine is 24 ft. long, with special throat depth and throat height to meet the customer’s specifications.
  • The tandem press brakes work together to bend significantly longer parts; up to 48 ft. in length. This represents over a 20% increase in the customer’s capability.
  • To reduce operator set up time, Pacific designed these tandem press brakes with a 7 axis backgauge in each machine to allow for gauging of the part and eliminating the need for operators to supply scribe lines.

Value to the Customer

  • The customer received two new Pacific FK series 825-ton tandem press brakes (total of 1650-ton), 48 ft. in overall length, equipped with the latest software and technologies. The solution enables the customer to drastically increase their production output and overall capabilities.
  • The machines are designed with operator safety in mind.  The anti-whip circuit feature slows down the speed of the ram to reduce the tip velocity when forming long parts.  This feature is important when bending long pieces, since “whip-up” can be very dangerous to the operator and back bend can deform the sheet or plate as well.
  • The press operating control is the most advanced 3D press brake control in the marketplace, providing a simple and complete solution.  Operator can program parts in the engineering office and download to the press brake, download a CAD drawing to the control or manually input the drawing requirements at the control.




Example of Pacific FK Series 825-ton Tandem Press Brakes


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