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Servo Press Brake

Introducing the 175 Ton Blaise Family of Machines Servo Press Brake.

We’re proud to build on more than 70 years of customer service experience to bring you the Blaise family of servo-hydraulic press brakes. Ask us about:

How do I improve efficiency, with more time spent on value-added work?

  • ▶ Standard tooling attachments and quick-change tooling compatibility
  • ▶ Two-stage ram drop speed
  • ▶ Access drawings via network connection or USB

How do I decrease operator-to-operator variances?

  • ▶ Standardized Delem controller
  • ▶ Visual bend sequencing
  • ▶ 180-degree articulating arm to access controller
  • ▶ Multi-axis back gauge

How do I protect my workers & my business, while lowering the cost of safety?

  • ▶ Light curtains
  • ▶ Laser safety systems
  • ▶ Front sheet supports

How do I maximize uptime?

  • ▶ High mean time between failure (we’re still calculating this, but we have incorporated many robust parts from our larger press brakes)
  • ▶ Six-year frame warranty