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D Series

D Series Straight Side Presses, hydraulic presses from Pacific Press.Pacific Press D Series Presses are built for high-tonnage applications that require a large platen/bolster area. These Hydraulic Presses are also the only ones that provide the off-center load characteristics of a 2-point mechanical press:

  • Custom tonnage and bed length configurations are available
  • 150 – 2000 ton standard models
  • Standard sizes from 6’ X 3’ – 16’ X 6’
  • Two-point, down-acting design
  • Heavy column construction

Detailed Specification

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  • Deep drawing
  • Progressive and transfer dies
  • Blanking
  • Compression molding of thermoset, thermoplastic and advanced composite materials

Standard Features

  • Wide column openings
  • Large double-acting cylinders
  • 4-column, 8-way gibbing construction
  • PLC interface controls
  • Cartridge “stack valves”
  • Interlocking wedge keys
  • Large removable bed bolsters

Optional Features

  • Higher-speed hydraulic packages
  • Increased stroke lengths
  • Increased open heights
  • Increased feed window sizes
  • Quick die change systems
  • Die cushions
  • Hydraulic knock-outs
  • Coil-feeding/handling systems
  • Larger bed/bolsters
  • Specially-machined bolsters and slides
  • Additional operator stations
  • Continuous run operation
  • Flush floor mounting
  • Safety enhancements
  • Slide locks
  • Shock dampers