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CX Series

CX SeriesOutfitted with state-of-the-art controls, our CX Series Molding Presses give you futuristic technology to take your operation further:

  • Custom tonnage and bed length configurations are available
  • 100 – 600 tons
  • 36” X 36” to 12’ X 8’ bed sizes
  • Access from all sides
  • Four-post bearing guided
  • 1- 5 cylinder designs corresponding to bed size requirements
  • Large open heights
  • Long strokes

Detailed Specification

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Designed for applications requiring a long-stroke and high open heights for compression molding, forming and clamping operations of:

  • RTM
  • RIM
  • Metal Forming

Standard Features

  • Heavy welded steel construction
  • Modular “stacked valve” cartridge valve design
  • Power units
  • Large double-acting cylinders
  • Standard stroke controls
  • Pendant-mounted PLC interface controls
  • Pressure-compensated piston pumps

Optional Features

  • CNC controls
  • Higher-speed hydraulic packages
  • Increased stroke lengths
  • Increased open heights
  • Quick die change systems
  • Die cushions
  • Hydraulic knock-outs
  • Coil feeding/handling systems
  • Larger bed/bolsters
  • Specially-machined bolsters and slides
  • Rolling bolsters
  • Heated platens
  • Additional operator stations
  • Continuous run operation
  • Flush floor mounting
  • Safety enhancements