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Hydraulic Bulldozers

Hydraulic Bulldozers.Pacific Press Hydraulic Bulldozers are capable of multiple applications – all with phenomenal power:

  • Custom tonnage and bed length configurations are available
  • Single-cylinder
  • Six-point non-metallic adjustable gibbing with flange-mounted piston and side connections
  • 100 – 500 ton standard models (7 different sizes)

Detailed Specification

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  • Breaking up anodes or castings
  • Bending and straightening structural sections, I-beams and channels
  • Bending and straightening plate
  • Punching, piercing, slotting and notching
  • Cutting off heavy angle stock
  • Straightening shafts and bars
  • Drawing, forming or corrugating flat stock
  • Straightening rail
  • Forming heavy steel rings from flat bar stock
  • Bending tube and pipe

Standard Features

  • Heavy cast iron gibbing
  • Heavy-duty stacked valve system
  • Single-piece cast cylinders
  • Mode selector switches
  • End Lugs
  • Movable foot switches

Optional Features

  • Bend pins
  • Extra-long stroke
  • Tonnage controls
  • Infinitely variable pressing speed at any point in advance stroke
  • Higher-speed power units
  • Self-contained tooling
  • Holding circuits
  • Straightening blocks