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Low Tonnage Press Brakes

Pacific is pleased to offer its Blaise series- a robust, competitively priced low tonnage press brake that lives up to Pacific’s unmatched reputation for quality. See what Pacific’s Blaise line can do for your business today!

Standard Features

Lubeless Gibbing - Modular, lubeless gibbing design means no grease dripping on parts. The gibbing is adjustable over time for maximum life.

Hoerbiger Hydraulic System - Hoerbiger is the world’s most recognized hydraulic system supplier for metal forming equipment. This system is fast and robust and offers precision ram depth accuracy.

Trunnion Mounted Cylinders - The Trunnion cylinder mounting provides the ability to tilt the ram in either direction up to the full length of the stroke. The pivoting
cylinder design means you cannot break the frame.

Delem HMI Machine Controller - The Delem HMI is the world’s easiest to use
HMI. Part programming is a breeze with the intuitive interface and the on-screen help buttons allow the most novice of operators to quickly solve production problems.

Welded Frame Construction - Each Pacific Blaise series is welded together for
maximum rigidity. The flush floor design means you can easily move the machine to any location in your shop.

Front Work Supports - Standard on every Pacific Blaise series are two, 18” work supports. These supports are fully adjustable for different tooling heights. Mounted on linear rails, these supports are easy to position with accuracy.

To learn more about the Blaise line, or production and integration options available with it, check out the brochures at right.