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custom press brake

Should you invest in a custom press brake?

Buying any custom machine carries a certain amount of risk, and custom press brakes are no exception. In the right situation, though, the benefits of a well-designed custom system far outweigh the risks.

New Bending Force Mobile App from Pacific Press

Pacific Press Technologies has taken their industry leading bending force calculator and turned it into a mobile app! All of the functionality of the calculator is maintained but is now easier than ever to use.

USI students gain client-based experience through Center for Applied Research

Using Google analytics, Pacific Press identified beneficial statistics from their website proving that their spreadsheet calculator was the most visited page. This prompted Pacific Press to contact the Center for Applied Research (CAR) with the need to create a mobile app, so their customers could utilize their spreadsheet calculator on their mobile device.

USI Students Create Custom Mobile App for Local Business

The University of Southern Indiana’s Center for Applied Research (CAR) has collaborated with Pacific Press Technologies to develop a mobile application for the company’s customers. A presentation unveiling the app will be held at 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, April 20 in the University Suite, University Center West.

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