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Providing the very best in custom Horizontal hydraulic presses.

Pacific’s Horizontal Press line offers the unique capabilities of straightening, bending, punching or forming, all on one machine.

Up to 1,250 Tons, We've Got You Covered

Since 1945, Pacific Press Technologies has been known for quality machines designed and manufactured in Mount Carmel, Illinois.  With over 10,000 machines sold, we take pride in producing robust, heavy duty machines that deliver precise, reliable results.

Pacific horizontal presses are ideally suited for bar, shaft, and plate straightening. Every machine made by Pacific is designed using our proven, industry leading frame.  Custom hydraulic and electrical system options provide the necessary freedom to complete any job, large or small.  Each horizontal press has variable tonnage and stroke control that gives the operator full power throughout the stroke of the press.  

Benefits of Horizontal Presses

  • Throat depth modifications allow plate straightening capabilities not available on vertical configuration machines
  • Can be fitted with a number of tools to perform such work as bar, angle and channel cut-off, rail/structural contouring and straightening, and numerous other applications
  • Fully adjustable cam and switch allows the operator to alter the position of the speed change at will
  • Unique hydraulic system that protects itself from overloads

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A Few Examples of Horizontal Press Applications

〉 Rail Straightening & Contouring

Shaped anvils to fit the contour of the rail permit fast straightening as well as precise  contouring.  Easy access to the working area minimizes handling time. Scale and dirt drop harmlessly through the housings.


〉 Punching

The horizontal press is designed for heavy duty punching. The extra large area for oil on the bottom of the piston cushions the shock of breakthrough.


〉 Structural Straightening & Contouring

Adjustable die blocks may by mounted on the end lug and tool holder for straightening as well as precise contouring.  Material may be fed in on rollers or held by an overhead crane, either way handling is easier because of the horizontal position of the machine.


〉 Plate Straightening

Deep throated horizontal presses are available to allow straightening to the center of a six foot or eight foot wide plate.


Features & Customizations

〉 Standard Features

  • Robust, interlocked, welded frame design
  • Large tool holder with T-slots for tool mounting
  • Heavy duty, gusseted end lug
  • Industry leading hydraulic systems with standard 2-speed power unit
  • Variable tonnage
  • Variable stroke with full tonnage throughout entire stroke profile
  • Proximity switches for return stroke with .001” accuracy
  • 2:1 piston to cylinder ratio for shock absorption during punching

〉 Typical Customizations

  • Custom stroke, speeds and throat depths
  • Auto return and pressure reversal
  • Programmable tonnage
  • Custom machine controls
  • Automation interfacing
  • Bending pins and straightening blocks
  • Custom tooling configurations
  • Conveyors (manual and powered)
  • A variety of safety systems
  • Gib guiding
Pacific Press Horizontal Press

Pacific Horizontal Press

200 Ton Horizontal Press

200 Ton Pacific Horizontal Press

400 Ton Horizontial Press

400 Ton Pacific Horizontal Press

200 Ton Horizontal Press

From large to small, we've got it all!

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Pacific Press has been trusted as a custom machinery manufacturer for decades. Our experts understand that one model does not fit all applications and production requirements. Whether you are looking for a material handling option, a completely automated solution or a special press, we are ready to help! Contact us today so we can begin designing the perfect press for your business!

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