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Leader in Straight Side Hydraulic Presses


Providing the very best in custom straight side hydraulic presses.

Pacific’s Straight Side Press Design is the Choice for the Most Demanding Applications.

Up to 3,000 Tons, We've Got You Covered

Since 1945, Pacific Press Technologies has been known for quality machines designed and manufactured in Mount Carmel, Illinois.  With thousands of machines sold, we take pride in producing robust, heavy duty machines that deliver precise, reliable results.

Pacific offers single and double cylinder straight side presses, also known as gib-guided presses, as straight side designs often include gibbing. 

Gibs are press components that guide the reciprocating motion of the ram to maintain superior squareness and parallelism throughout the stroke.  Gib-guided designs are the frame style of choice for the most demanding applications.

Benefits of Straight Side / Gib-Guided Presses

 Best option for off-center loading operations

  6 points of contact on the slide ensures complete control

  Maximum stability with extremely low deflection

✔  Exceptional punch and die alignment with every stroke

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〉 Common Applications

  • Deep draw work
  • Bending
  • Forming
  • Blanking
  • Coining
  • Punching
  • Progressive and transfer die work
  • Off center loading
300 Ton OBL Press

〉 Standard Machine Features

  • Low stress
  • Heavy, interlocked steel frame construction
  • Machined T-slots in bed and slide
  • Robust 6-pt gibbing with optional 8-pt gibbing
  • Flush floor up to 500 tons and 10 ft in length
  • Heat exchanger
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Double-acting cylinders
  • Pendant-mounted, PLC interface controls
  • Modular "stack" cartridge valve design
  • Flange-mounted piston/slide connection
  • Generous bed sizes and open heights
1350 Ton D Column Press

1,350 Ton Pacific D Column Straight Side Press

2000 Ton 6 Panel Door Press System

2,000 Ton Pacific 6 Panel Door Press System

Dexter-Laundry-OBL (56)

750 Ton Pacific OBL Straight Side Press

300 Ton OBL Straight Side Press

300 Ton Pacific OBL Straight Side Press

〉 Typical Customizations

  • Full PC-based HMI
  • Higher-speed hydraulic packages
  • Increased stroke lengths
  • Increased open heights
  • Increased feed window sizes
  • Quick die change systems
  • Die cushions
  • Hydraulic knock-outs
  • Coil-feeding/handling systems
  • Larger bed/bolsters
  • Specially-machined bolsters and slides
  • Additional operator stations
  • Continuous run operation
  • Flush floor mounting
  • Safety enhancements
  • Slide locks
  • Shock dampers

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Pacific Press has been trusted as a custom machinery manufacturer for decades. Our experts understand that one model does not fit all applications and production requirements. Whether you are looking for a material handling option, a completely automated solution or a special press, we are ready to help! Contact us today so we can begin designing the perfect press for your business!

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